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Are you ready for Dragon Soul???

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EpGp Loot System.

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Sanctified Wrath Item Shop

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Know your tactics, watch the Tankspot videos.

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Site accounts.

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Make sure you have all the Addons before raiding!

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Guild Announce and Raid Schedule
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Guild Raid Schedule
Monday: BH before reset, DS 25 alt run
Tuesday: Dragon Soul 25 (1-2)
Wednesday-Saturday: DS 10s and FL10 hcs
Sunday: Firelands 25/Dragon Soul 25 alt run/ DS 10s

The guild schedule is not limited to this, and may be changed at the discretion of the raid leaders and officers. Raid times begin anywhere between 5pm st and 7pm st.


Sanctified Wrath is a PVE-Raid Oriented, international Based Guild on Sargeras & our main goal is to defeat every raid boss that the server scripts. Although we are serious about our raids, we still provide a comfortable and cool environment to chill out with other guildies.

What makes us different than the other "end-game" raiding guilds on the server? That's easy! We're more relaxed than the other leading guild, and we do accept casual players. You could say we're a little "troll" and mess around during a raid, but hopefully its the environment you're looking for! We are definitely not quiet ones!

We think that raiding with quality people who know what they are doing, know their class and tactics, and can lead us to great goals in the game. We are not an alt guild, however it is not required that you bring all of your characters to our guild, just your main is required. Serious casual players are always welcome.

*Also, in order to join our raids, you need to have Teamspeak3 downloaded and always connect before a raid begins.

Official TS3:
Alternative backup TS3: - channel: Sanctified Wrath
Alternative communication: Raidcall - ID: 5049995